Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dr. Shoemaker offers solutions to vaginal health. This can include the overall look of the area, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, bladder incontinence and general pain in the area. These solutions come in the form of laser therapy.

We offer two different options for treatment. The Mona Lisa Touch and The Juliet laser are revolutionary in their results.

Mona Lisa Touch

As estrogen levels decline after menopause, many changes occur. Women experience changes in vaginal health that interfere with their personal lives as consequences. The Mona Lisa Touch is a fast, simple, and safe therapy. This laser delivers superior results to increase vaginal dryness, decrease pain during intercourse and heal the delicate tissue.

Using fractional CO2 laser gentle heat to the vaginal tissue wall stimulates the healing response in the vaginal canal. A topical numbing agent is applied externally and internally making the treatment comfortable. Many patients note improvement with one treatment but for a full correction we do recommend three treatments. The treatments are spaced four weeks apart.

The treatment provides lasting results, however, to maintain the results we do recommend a once year, single treatment touch-up.

The Juliet

Did you know that you can feel sixteen again? The  Juliet laser offers a safe and effective treatment for many concerns in the vaginal area however Dr. Shoemaker finds this laser most effective for non-surgical labiaplasty. The laser energy focuses on restoring collagen and elastin in the delicate vaginal tissue. Through collagen building, muscle tone is restored creating a tighter and more toned vaginal canal.

Gentle heat from the laser is used on the labia area to help reduce the size of labia. In the past the only solution was surgical procedures that would result in weeks of downtime. With the advancement in technology, The Juliet provides the results of surgery in just three treatments and minimal downtime.

The treatment is comfortable as a topical numbing agent is applied internally and externally. Treatment takes about fifteen minutes and like the Mona Lisa, a yearly touch up treatment is recommended.

While Juliet’s main focus is non-surgical labiaplasty we have seen success in treating leakage and bladder issues, pain during intercourse and dryness. Dr. Shoemaker can combine the Mona Lisa with the Juliet to customize the treatment as necessary.

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