Dr. Shoemaker wants women to feel confident, gorgeous, and renewed. She offers this through her extensive array of lasers and facial treatment.

  • Lasers and Radio Frequency/Ultrasound
  • Mona Lisa Touch (Cynosure) – vaginal laser for painful intercourse and vaginal dryness.
  • Accent Prime (Alma)- this modality offers treatment for:
    • wrinkles 
    • sun-damage
    • cellulite 
    • fat destruction for all problem areas (neck, stomach, thigh, back, etc.) 
    • incision-less face-lifts and eye-lifts
    • skin plasma resurfacing to tighten, eliminate wrinkles, and resurface the skin 
    • no down-time
    • virtually painless 
  • Soprano ICE (Alma)
    • essentially painless laser hair removal because of cooling tip on the skin 
    • for all skin tones and hair types 
    • super-quick treatment sessions even for large areas like the legs or back 
    • no hair growth needed prior to treatment (shaving the day before preferred) 
  • Icon (Cynosure) – This laser is specifically designed for the elimination and reduction of:
    • sun damage
    • stretch marks 
    • face, chest, hand, leg pigmentation 
    • rosacea 
    • facial veins 
    • cherry hemangiomas 
    • small veins throughout the body 
    • scars
      • (acne, c-section, tummy-tuck and from accidents) 
  • Facial Treatments
    • Botox and Juvaderm are available upon request. Dr. Shoemaker and members of her staff are certified in topical wrinkle reduction and fillers. However, these treatments are not typically needed after a laser or Radiofrequency treatment(s). 
  • Man Mondays for Men! – Men can look younger too!
    • laser hair removal for chest, back, head and face scars
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